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5.0 stars

Posted by M.D.
June 23, 2016

I was recently charged with Domestic Violence. After worrying myself sick I had a consultation with Mr. Leavitt, he was able to make me feel much better about my situation. He was very knowledgeable about the law and was able to get my case DISMISSED. I thank Mr. Leavitt for all of his hard work.


D.A.M.’s Lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by David
June 17, 2013

Mr. Leavitt is truly a hard working and honest Lawyer, if ever a situation arises I would definitely hire him for his services. Even though ours was a difficult case, Mr. Leavitt was very patient with me explaining over and over again the system. I praise him for his patience and his knowledge of the law. Without Mr. Leavitt I’m not sure what our outcome would have been. Thank you for all your help Mr. Leavitt.



5.0 stars

Posted by Chris
June 4, 2013

I went to a local casino pool and drank a little too much. When I got a little rowdy a security guard came over and told me to calm down. I told the guard that they were out of line and that I was not causing any trouble, then out of the blue the guard hit me on the head with their night stick. The guard then said that I struck her. I was arrested for battery. I hired another attorney and I waited months and nothing got resolved. He told me that it would get dismissed and nothing happened. I then met James Dean and told him about my situation. James spoke to the assistant DA who was handling the case and worked out a deal to get the charges dismissed. He could not have done a better job and I am so thankful that I met him. Since then, I have referred a number of my friends to James and they all agree with me that he is the very best!!



5.0 stars

Posted by Tanner
May 28, 2013

My friends and I went to a dance club and I tried ecstasy for the first time. I was only 17. We went to a gas station at 2:00 am to get food and the police figured out we were underaged. We were going to be given a curfew violation but the police could tell we were whacked out on drugs. They let me call my mother. She was able to find Mr. Leavitt at 2:00 in the morning and had him come to the gas station. Amazingly, Mr. Leavitt knew the officer and after a long talk the officer only gave me a warning. I was sure I was going to be charged with a felony. Thank you Mr. Leavitt. All my friends now have your number.



5.0 stars

Posted by Michael
July 19, 2011

Mr. Leavitt has went over and beyond to help me with my case and restored my freedom. He speaks with immense knowledge of the system and works with a great deal of passion. I live every day with gratitude for what he has done for me.

Thanks Mr Leavitt!!


Posted by James
July 12, 2016

James Dean Leavitt is the best! I was in a really bad spot & he worked hard to help get me out of jail & back to work ASAP! I hope I never need him again but if I do I wont hesitate. He’s my guy for sure!


Posted by Johanna

In 2003 we came to Las Vegas and soon afterour son had gotten himself in trouble and we found a need for a lawyer and as faith would have it, we meet Mr. Leavitt. We went to speak with Mr. Leavitt as very nervous parents. We soon felt very much at easy because Mr. Leavitt spoke to us in a way that was to the point but with compassion. He took care of our problem and we have been friends ever since.
I can not praise Mr. Leavitt enough for his knowledge of the law and how understanding he was in our time of need.
I highly recommend anyone who fines themselves in need of a lawyer, to contact Mr. James Dean Leavitt. You won’t be disappointed.


Posted by JT

Mr. Leavitt has been so fast to respond to my needs! He is straight to the point & made sure I knew what was going on with my case as things moved along! I don’t know how to pay a higher compliment to anyone than to give my heartfelt recommendation!