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Sealing Records & Expungement Attorney

If you have been convicted of a Category A or B felony, your records can be sealed 15 years from your release from custody, parole or probation, whichever date is later. Category C or D Felonies are 12 years, Category E felonies are 7 years. Gross misdemeanors are 5 years. All other misdemeanors are two years with the exception of DUI and Domestic Battery which are 7 years. The main exception to these rules are sex offense cases which usually cannot be sealed.

If your case has been dismissed or you have been acquitted you can seal your records immediately.

If the prosecution has declined to prosecute, records can be sealed any time after the statute of limitations has run or any time 10 years after the arrest.

Having your records sealed will greatly improve your chances in gaining employment. When your records have been sealed they can no longer be seen by an employer or law enforcement. You can truthfully declare on any application (unless it is for federal employment or immigration) that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime.

By hiring an experienced attorney you can usually have your charges reduced or dismissed without the stress and high cost of trial and without having to serve time in prison or jail.

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