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Bail Reduction Attorney

You may be entitled to an own recognizance release or a reduction in your bail. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars that could be used to pay your legal fees. The court has the power to release a person without bail, as long as they can impose conditions on the person that will adequately protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. The Court will consider length of residence in the community; the status and history of employment; relationships with spouses, children, parents, family members and close friends; reputation, character and mental condition; prior criminal record and any failures to appear in court; the identity of responsible members of the community that would vouch for the reliability of the person; the nature of the offense and the apparent probability of conviction and the likely sentence as it relates to the risk of not appearing; the nature and seriousness of the danger to the alleged victim or the community; and the likelihood of more criminal activity by the person after release and any other factors regarding ties to the community or risk that the person may not appear.

By hiring an experienced attorney you can often be released without bail or with a reduction in bail, which may allow you to afford an attorney that can assist in your defense.

My background, training, and experience make me uniquely qualified to assist you in securing an own recognizance release or a reduction in your bail.


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